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NAWHC collects reports, benchmarking surveys, research studies, toolkits, sample documents and other resources on its four major areas of focus: Onsite Health Centers, Onsite Pharmacy Services, Onsite Fitness Centers and Onsite Wellness Centers.  If you have non-branded materials and resources you’d like to share with our community, please send them to

NEW COVID-19 and Worksite Center Resources:

  • CDC Endorses ACIP’s Updated Vaccine Recommendations

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Adult and Child Vaccinations & Wellness Visits
  • Post Vaccination Considerations at the Worksite
  • Data on Lost Worktime Due to COVID-19
  • Creating a Workplace Vaccination Clinic
  • Employer Vaccine Considerations
  • Tyson Begins Vaccinations
  • CDC Update on COVID-19 and Vaccines Webinar (slides)
  • Worksite Clinics Step Up to COVID-19 Challenges

  • Impact of COVID-19 on Worksite Health Clinics

  • COVID-19 Communication Resources for Employers

  • State Approaches to Vaccine Allocations

  • State and Local Immunization Managers

  • CDC V-safe after Vaccination Health Checker

  • Information for Providers and Patients on the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Best Practices in Vaccine Storage and Handling
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Training Manual for Providers
  • 8 Things to Know About Vaccine Planning
  • CDC Page for Health Care Providers on COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Common Sense Facts  
  • Campus Re-Opening Playbook
  • Process After Employee is Denied Entry Based on COVID-19 Screening
  • CDC Updates on COVID-19 and Return To Work  
  • COVID-19 Testing Guide for Employers
  • Screening Options and Challenges for COVID-19
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Worksite Clinics
  • COVID-19 and Privacy Issues
  • COVID-19 and Employer Clinics - Best Practices
  • The Path Forward for the Mental Health and Substance Use in the Face of COVID-19
  • Employer Return to Work Strategies
  • Worksite Clinics, Telehealth and COVID-19
  • Financial Impact of COVID-19
  • Kroger Blueprint for Businesses

If you're thinking about starting an Onsite, Near-Site or Shared Employer Clinic: 

  • Why Employers Need an Onsite or Near-Site Clinic
  • Benefits of On-site Clinics 
  • 6 Benefits of an Onsite Clinic 
  • How COVID-19 Is Redefining the Role of On-site Health Centers - Conner Strong
  • Onsite Clinic Implementation Checklist
  • Three considerations for Maximizing the Value of an Onsite or Near-site Clinic
  • The Ultimate Guide to Onsite Clinics
  • Retention and Recruitment Benefits
  • Implementing a Clinic
  • Establishing Your First Onsite Clinic
  • Developing and Evaluating an Onsite Clinic
  • Rand Study on Value of Metro Nashville School District Onsite Clinic
  • Small Employers Sharing Clinics and Working with Hospitals
  • Worksite Health Services 2018- A Guide to Clinic Vendors - Overviews and Capabilities.
  • Worksite Health Vendors - What to Look for and Watch out for - webinar slides
  • Companies Providing On-site Care to Save Time, Money and Improve Health
  • Healthcare Shifts to Workplace
  • Wall Street Doctor Visits
  • A New Perk at the Worksite
  • On-Site Preventive Care Market
  • Twin Cities Employers Joining to Offer Worksite Clinics
  • A Second Look at Onsite Clinics
  • Guidebook on Measuring the Performance of Worksite Health and Wellness Centers
  • How Employers Can Get the Most out of Worksite Clinics
  • The Surprising Employer Benefit Millennials Really Want
  • The Employer's Guide to Onsite Clinics- Part 1
  • The Employer's Guide to Onsite Clinics- Part 2
  • An Introduction to Employer-Sponsored Onsite Health Care
  • Humane Resources: Companies Offering On-Site Health Clinics
  • Ten Benefits of Onsite Clinics
  • On-Site Corporate Clinics Provide Business Class Care
  • Researching the Near-Site Clinic Model
  • Key Elements in Planning for Onsite Health Services
  • More Employers Offer Worksite Clinics
  • Employer Clinics Save Time and Money
  • 5 Ways Worksite Clinics Facilitate Savings
  • Popularity of Onsite Clinics and Coaching Spreads
  • Is an On-Site Clinic Right for Your Firm?
  • Worksite Health Gaining Ground with Employers
  • Determining the Best Model for Your Business
  • Employer-Sponsored Worksite Health
  • Workplace Clinics are Expanding Focus
  • Insuring your health
  • Are worksite clinics an old-school solution to employer's current cost problems?
  • 8 Benefits for Working Parents - Where to clinics fit in?

If you want to expand your Onsite Clinics' capabilities: 

  • Onsite Health Data Management
  • Creating a Medical Home at Your Clinic
  • Integrating Complementary and Alternative Providers at an Onsite Clinic
  • Communication Strategies to Increase Health Center Utilization
  • How to Make the Most of your Onsite Clinic Investment
  • Mental Health, Job Stress and Work Outcomes
  • Evolving from Occup Clinic to Primary Care
  • Using Onsite Health Centers to Integrate Worksite Activities

Surveys & Studies:  

  • Mercer's Worksite Health Centers 2021 Survey Report
  • NAWHC Worksite Health Center Benchmarking Survey Re: Marijuana Screening
  • Onsite Clinic Trends
  • Landscape of Onsite Health and Well-Being Programs 
  • Worksite Health Center Responses to COVID-19 Challenges
  • The Use of Chiropractors in Onsite Clinics
  • Onsite Health Centers Benchmarking Survey 
  • Medical Cost Trend Expected To Rise In 2020
  • Webinar on findings from 2018 Benfield-Gallagher and NAWHC's Study on Worksite       Clinics
  • NAWHC 2019 Survey on Clinic Popularity for Employers and Employees
  • NAWHC-Mercer 2018 Worksite Clinic Survey Results
  • 2018 Employer Health Benefit Trends
  • 2017 Mercer Survey of Worksite Clinics
  • SAS and Duke University Find Clinics Lower Claims Costs
  • Retail Clinics Drive New Health Care Utilization and That Is A Good Thing
  • The Views, Roles and Use of Chiropractors in Employer Clinics
  • On-site Preventive Care Market Gain Impetus of US$ 32,063 Mn due to the Growing       Demand over 2027
  •  On-site Preventive Care Market Future Prospects and Opportunity Assessment Up to           2026
  •  On-site health services can reduce employee absence, comp costs
  •  Onsite clinics associated with lower employee absence
  •  Employers Adopting Worksite Clinics Despite ACA Uncertainties
  •  Onsite Clinics Finding Favor with Employers
  •  2015 Towers Watson High Performance Onsite Health Center Survey
  •  Worksite Clinics Relieve Healthcare Headaches for Employers and Employees
  •  Employers Plan to Expand Use of Onsite Health Centers
  •  Whitepaper on Results of 2014 National Survey of Onsite Clinic Operations and                     Policies
  •  2014 NAWHC Benchmarking Survey of Employer-Sponsored Centers
  •  2014 Program Interests of Employer Clinics Sponsors
  •  RWJF Report of Healthiest Counties in Each State
  •  2012 Towers Watson Survey on Employer Sponsors of Onsite Clinics
  •  World at work survey of member onsite clinics 2011
  •  Workplace Med Clinics
  •  Municipal Employer Clinics Research
  •  Views Giving onsite clinics an engagement booster shot 

Near-site/Shared Clinics:

  •  KC self-funded employers join in concierge clinics trend

Measuring ROI: 

  •  Utilization and Cost of an Employer-Sponsored Comprehensive Primary Care Delivery           Model
  •  Denver Water Approach to Measurement
  •  Onsite Musculoskeletal Care Producing Better Care and Savings
  •  NAWHC Guidebook for Measuring the Performance of Worksite Health and Wellness           Centers -V.4
  •  SAS and Duke University Find Clinics Lower Claims Costs
  •  How to Build a Sustainable Onsite Clinic
  •  Onsite Health Centers in the Era of the ACA and Health Exchanges
  •  Effective Strategies to Measuring On-Site Clinic ROI and VOI
  •  Five Major ROI Considerations
  •  Design Elements and Metrics for Calculating Onsite Clinic Impact
  •  Leveraging Your Resources for Increased ROI
  •  Quantifying the Value of Worksite Healthcare Clinics
  •  CDC Worksite Health Scorecard

Legal, Tax & Regulatory Issues: 

  • Onsite and Near-site Clinic Legal Issues         
  • Guidance on COVID-19 Privacy and HIPAA Issues
  • Legal Considerations When Using Telehealth In Your Worksite Health Clinic
  • Legal Considerations for Onsite Clinics
  • Update on HSA Bill Call
  • Update on Laws Governing Wellness Programs
  • Onsite Clinic Legal Considerations
  • Legal and ACA Issues Impacting Onsite Clinics
  • Compliance Issues for Onsite Health Clinics
  • Webinar on ACA & Worksite Health Centers
  • Employers Demanding More from the Health Care Market
  • Legal Considerations When Implementing Onsite Clinics
  • State-by-State Dispensing Regulations

NAWHC Webinars: 

  • Coordinating Worksite Clinics & HSA plans
  • Pandemic Primary Care
  • Employer Sponsored Clinics and Return-To-Work
  • Occupational Safety and Health Promotion
  • Tools and Programs to Maximize Workplace Health Centers and Activities
  • Legal Considerations When Using Telehealth In Your Worksite Health Clinic

NAWHC Program Materials:

  • Presentations from the 9th Annual Forum
  • Presentations and audio podcasts from our 7th Annual Forum - Creating and                         Expanding Worksite Clinics

Clinical Program Resources:

  • Care goals and effective approaches for patients with MSK and pain
  • Release of IOM Perspective: Innovation and Best Practices in Health Care Scheduling
  • American Hospital Association's Toolkit to Reduce Inappropriate Care in Hospitals & Ambulatory Settings
  • CDC Workplace Health Promotion Resources
  • Unlocking the Digital Front Door

Onsite Fitness Centers:

If you're thinking about starting an Onsite Fitness Center: 

  • Fitting in Exercise on Company Time and the Company's Dime
  • Fitness Fundamentals Still Challenge Americans, Poll Finds
  • Benefits of Pumping Iron Later in Life
  • National Institute for Fitness and Sport and NAWHC Webinar Series
  • Employees Rank Working Out over Diet
  • Employers See Value in Onsite Fitness Centers
  • Motivating Employees to Exercise
  • CDC Healthier Worksite Initiative
  • The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health
  • Sweat Equity: Working Out Work out Programs

Employers with Fitness Centers:

·   Regions Hospital

Fitness Centers Surveys & Studies:

  • NAWHC Onsite Fitness Center Benchmarking Survey - 2011
  • Fitness Approaches
  • Clinical Article on the Impact of Fitness Centers

Guidelines for Successful Worksite Programs:

  • 3 Ingredients for a Successful Employee Weight Loss Program
  • 10 Tips for a Successful Biometric Screening Event

Worksite Health Program Resources:

  • Developing a Preventive Care Program
  • Guide to Create a Successful Wellness Program for Small and Mid-size Employers
  • CDC's Work@HealthTM Program

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